Project Relentless is a Spawn/Pk RSPS that has been running since 2010. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just “spawning and pking”, we offer fully functioning skills (including dungeoneering & summoning), custom minigames, and exciting PvM.

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Posted on Saturday September 05, 2015

Mikee is now a Global Administrator

Looking For Helper Applicants (Australian Timezone)

Posted on Saturday September 05, 2015

Hello Community,

We are currently looking for helper applicants between the timezones GMT +8 to +12 


If you feel like you'd enjoy the time as a staff member please apply, as we will be reviewing applications soon for any potential.

All requirements are still required however to apply, so keep that in mind.

Latest Updates

Posted on Saturday September 05, 2015

Once you reload client, you can do ::titles and remove all titles before names (if you don't like them)


All altars are now located in Edgeville (Home).


Vengeance should now react to DDS's second hit.


"Teleports in spellbooks are now bug free.


Dungeoneering has been tweaked a little, bug with points has also been fixed. .


Theiving stalls have been added to edgeville.


Pest Control has been added, Void Knight located in Edgeville will take you there.


Basic Clan Chat has been added.